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Developed to tackle the major problems that many Student's face, that is, lack of support when doing their homework and studying for an exam.

Also providing help for Parents who feel that they can't help their own children with Math homework.

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  • Jayden Student (ATAR 98.45) - NSW Intellecquity has been great.It's not your typical tutor style coaching, or your tedious Saturday morning classes, but instead, a 24/7 service where you can ask professional tutors questions that you cannot solve.What I always found when doing maths exercises, was that I'd run into a question that I couldn't do (don't we all). But I realized that I hated leaving it incomplete, and having to have to 'get back to it' the following day, or the following weekend when I see my 1 on 1 math tutor or school teacher. I wanted a immediate person that I could ask, a real person (not just Wolfram alpha) who could explain what the problem was/how to solve it, in logical and easy to follow steps.I found that Intellecquity was the only solution out there. Its a great app, great tutors, recommend it to all.
  • Aleisha Student - NSW Intellecquity helped me out so much in the last set of exams! Especially with the last minute questions I didn't understand
  • Ritwik Student (ATAR 98.40) - NT I find Intellecquity to be a much more accessible and user-friendly alternative to tutoring. Growing up within quite an isolated environment in Darwin, Northern Territory, Intellecquity provided me with an important resource to assist me during Year 12 mathematics. As such, I would account both my A+ grade in Year 12 Mathematical Studies and my 98.40 ATAR, which was the 11th highest in my Territory to Intellecquity, and allowed me to get into my first preference of Commerce/Law at UNSW. Without it, I would be faced with either paying the high costs for expensive maths tutoring or the prospect of disastrous marks.
  • Carly Parent of two - NSW Intellecquity has honestly been a lifesaver for myself and my kids. Previously, they would come to me for help almost every school night. It pained me that I couldn't help them out when they needed it. With Intellecquity however, all the kids need to do is post what they're having trouble with and they receive help almost instantaneously, and at a great price. I can't thank you guys enough!