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Intellecquity – Product Updates

April 2018 Chat Based Interaction –¬† We have removed the image for image sharing and provided a common themed chat such as messenger to create more of a familiarity with recieving solutions. Improved Compression¬†– We have improved the Compression of images when they are added to the app to be posted from a student and […]

Math Solver Online | Intellecquity Math Helper

Math Solver Online Did you just search for “Math Solver Online”? Let me guess, you were doing some homework that is due tomorrow or you have an exam coming up in a few days & you’re stuck on a question and you are resorting to Google to help you find something or someone to help […]

Website that Answers Math Problems

Website that Answers Math Problems Looking for a website that answers math problems? Why? Why in today’s day and age would you use a website instead of a mobile app? why choose a stationary desktop over a device you hold in your hand 99% of the time? Ok fine, I wont convince you to look […]

Math Word Problem Solver | Intellecquity Math Helper

Math Word Problem Solver What does it mean? Do we need a Math Word Problem Solver? When I think of math questions, I think of 2 scenarios… One being the number based questions with nothing more than “find (x)” & the other one which is “if Mary had to walk “X” kilometers up a hill […]

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

How Does Online Tutoring Work? Well, how does online tutoring work? Many people today still use the traditional style of tutoring, whether it is going to a tutoring center, having a tutor come to your house or you going to their house. But why is that? Years ago, if you asked me to get in […]

Do I Need Math?

Do I Need Math? Asking yourself “Do I Need Math”? Well the answer is always going to be yes! But, why is that? How often do you use math in everyday life, will I need it in the future & does my future job I want rely on Math? Ask your friends and family, whether […]