Every College Student deserves the best Math help

In 2016, 3 friends joined forces to solve the problem that countless students around the world face to this day.  “How do I get help with my Math homework/study when there’s no one around to help me?” or “I’ve got an exam in a couple of days and have no idea about this topic!”

Let’s face it. Maths isn’t the easiest subject going around. Many an intelligent student has faced a few hurdles, whether it be around Trigonometry or Calculus. We’ve all been there. No resources to call upon for help.

That is why we believe that no student should be left behind. Our aim is to provide students an inexpensive way to improve their math ability, a key requirement for future success, no matter where that might be.

A Math Tutor in Your Pocket

Need help with your math homework/study? Simply take a picture of a question.

Our tutors will send you a step-by-step solution, showing you how to solve the problem!

Save our solutions and view them later for study or an upcoming exam/assignment!

See how college students are finishing their homework and learning more!

What I always found when doing maths exercises, was that I’d run into a question that I couldn’t do (don’t we all). I wanted a immediate person that I could ask, a real person who could explain what the problem was/how to solve it, in logical and easy to follow steps.

I found that Intellecquity was the only solution out there. Its a great app, great tutors, recommend it to all.

Jayden – Boston

Tutoring normally is very costly and I get good service on this app for less than half the price. Best math app I’ve used thus far. Math has always been a struggle for me so I’m happy to have found this app and would highly recommend!

Quinn – California

This is the only app that has actually helped me by showing the details of problems, getting one on one help, and doing word problems. A real person can actually help you out, it asks you if you understand or not and that person can help explain.

Ana – Seattle

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Get the Math help you need to finish your homework.
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