Help with Math Problems

Looking for Help with Math Problems? Well, this isn’t going to help you with your homework right now or an exam in a couple of hours. This will help you find places to go when you are in need of assistance with your math homework next time.

When doing your homework, you want a couple of things;

  1. Speed of Response
  2. Quality of Response
  3. Price of Assistance

Would you agree with the three above? As well as in that order?

1. Speed of Response is Key as we don’t do our homework over 7 days. Majority of students will Study for 1-2 hours, 3 days a week. This means that you need help when you are studying not when someone else can help you of “fit you in”. Tutors have such control of when you can study, how you study and what you study. Does that help you with your homework question that you have tomorrow, possibly, if the curriculum you are learning at school matches up with your tutor.

2.  Quality of Response  is next as it determines how well you learn and reciprocate your understanding from a tutor or teacher. What happens if the person you are being taught by doesn’t understand how you best learn or tries to provide your education that takes Months of learning into a 1hr session a week? It doesn’t work and they are not going to help you for 3hrs at the price of 1hr to make sure the solution they provide you is Quality. If your solution provided by the person teaching you isn’t quality, how can you be expected to provide quality answers in the future? Quality is the foundation of Learning, especially for Mathematics.

3. Price of Assistance is last on the list for a couple of reason, I am not saying it doesn’t matter, I am just saying that for education, quality and speed are more important. If someone provides you with a good solution in a reasonably quick manner, they deserve to be paid for their time and effort. I believe that Online tutoring and Mobile tutoring is the future, which is why I founded Intellecquity.

Overall, I don’t believe that these 3 key factors can be met with standard tuition. It is out-dated and doesn’t provide the value of Online and Mobile Tutoring. How can A tutor who meets you once a week (at best) assist you when you are doing your homework, how can they assist while not using up the entire hour session without going over the session length and lastly how can they charge such hefty fees of $50 & up for an hour session.

If you’re looking for help with your homework, look at my favourites:

  2. (Free)
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